play your way to spanish!

Three weeks of virtual online winter camp with Kallpachay is the perfect opportunity to experience what the Argentinian culture has to offer! Our online winter camp — the ONLY Camp of its kind — offers a creative and fun way for kids to connect via reading, writing, and self-expression. It's designed for children ages 4-14 and open to children from diverse backgrounds and learning styles.

The environment is conducive for stress-free learning. In a nurturing atmosphere, children are free to explore and take time to revel in their learning.

Our virtual winter camp runs for two hours every weekday between the dates of December 21st through January 8th, with your choice of either the 9am-11am PST session, or the 12pm-2pm PST session—both sessions feature Spanish with Loreto, movement and activites, and a fun project each day!


Students will learn about the Argentinian winter festival found in Bariloche. All kings and queens are welcomed to join the winter kingdom and learn how they can keep their crown!

Central to all of our programs (which now includes the online experience) is our focus on speaking practice through games to help campers enjoy and advance in learning Spanish as a second language! Kallpachay camps are a perfect blend of creative projects, spirit days, games, experimentation, and cultural celebrations. Our positive and encouraging atmosphere swoops spirits upward for Spanish language development and personal growth.

a truly immersive online experience

We attribute our success in creating a fun Spanish language learning environment to our attention to detail in putting together a creatively-designed visual curriculum that piques children’s curiosity and includes balanced routines. Greeting our community of campers and families is our online program coordinator who is present at every Zoom winter camp session, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that all our families and campers are well cared for. You can expect a warm welcome even before camp starts as she guides you in how to prepare!

Our winter campers are placed into tailored groups so that they are learning with peers of similar ages and Spanish ability. Our youngest campers will be placed in groups of no more than four, while group sizes for our older campers do not exceed six.

Each two-hour virtual winter camp session begins with a brief “Chirp-In” during which we review our activities for the day and learn songs to kick off each day with joyous camp spirit! Following our Chirp-In, our counselor-camper groups move into their break-out rooms for Spanish with Loreto. Spanish with Loreto includes skits, games, and active-learning activities, all with a focus on encouraging our campers to advance in oral expression through practice.

We finish up our first hour with an interactive snack time followed by energizing movement fun which leads into our final, much-anticipated activity for the day:our craft projects!

how is the winter camp experience unique?

The language skills of our campers develop from day one, but that is not all we work on together! Implementing a heart-centered approach, Kallpachay teachers foster communication and socio-emotional growth throughout the winter camp season, and it all starts with the mindset that children learn best through guided challenges and consistent modeling of mutual support. We teach our campers how to participate in challenges, work as a team, and overcome obstacles!

Central to our winter camp is our focus on gradual advancement through games to help campers enjoy and gain confidence in learning Spanish as a second language. To advance language learning, we engage campers in interactive conversation to encourage oral expression and gradually build their confidence through songs, games, challenges, exercise, and tons of camp spirit!

satisfaction guaranteed!

We take pride in the quality of our classes and are committed to getting things right for our parents! If for any reason you or your child aren't satisfied with our classes, please let us know right away. We ask that you give us a week from the time of your notification to make adjustments to better suit your child's needs, but if after such a point you are not 100% satisfied, let us know and we will issue you a refund.

schedules and rates

Our virtual winter camp runs for two hours every weekday between the dates of December 21st through January 8th, with your choice of either the 9am-11am PST session, or the 12pm-2pm PST session—both sessions feature Spanish with Loreto, movement and activities, and a fun project each day!

online winter camp ’20-’21
December 21 - January 8
Ages 4-17
Drop-In Rate
(Per Child Per Day)
Per Week
(~ $45/day)
For All 3 Weeks

Available Weekday Options (PST):
9:00 am - 11:00 am OR 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

$10 Registration Fee Per Child

parent involvement

Parents receive a materials list in advance so they can prepare with simple craft supplies for their camper. When selecting our projects, we are mindful of the ages and interests of our campers and the ease with which the materials can be gathered from home supplies, so many of these things you might already have on hand!

Having the materials along with a healthy snack prepped the night before is a strategy we see helps campers stay engaged and get the most out of the 2-hour immersion block. Our online program director is available to answer your questions at any time. She shares the expectations prior and during camp and will let you know when your child needs your assistance.

boost cultural competency at winter camp!

The second best thing about traveling to Spanish-speaking countries is preparing for that trip! Choosing an online adventure this winter for your children can seem daunting. Your school-based programs may have fallen flat, but as camp professionals we have 8+ years of experience creating camp spirit, meeting new challenges, and creating memories for our campers. This online winter camp season will be no different in that regard—we have interactive surprises that will bring cultural exploration to life with seasonal flair in ways that are memorable and meaningful!

pairs great with online winter classes!

Soar seamlessly from our online winter camp into online winter classes! Keep your child engaged and improving their Spanish all year long with these two terrific options.



Our Loreto mascot in the snow!




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